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Annual International Seminar - 2019

Annual Seminar - 2019
19th July 2019, Hotel Kohinoor, Andheri, Mumbai

Annual International Seminar - 2018

Annual Seminar - 2018
10th August 2018, Hotel Fariyas, Lonavala

Annual International Seminar - 2017

Annual International Seminar - 2017
14th July 2017, Hotel Kohinoor Continental, Mumbai

Annual International Seminar - 2016

Annual International Seminar - 2016
29th July 2016, Hotel Kohinoor Continental, Mumbai

Annual International Seminar - 2015

Annual International Seminar - 2015
14th August 2015, Hotel Kohinoor Continental, Mumbai

Seminar on “Indian Paint Industry: Changing Perceptions...”

Seminar on “Indian Paint Industry: Changing Perceptions...”
29th November 2013, Hotel Kohinoor Continental, Mumbai

Seminar on “Indian Paint Industry: Shaping For The Future”

Seminar on “Indian Paint Industry: Shaping For The Future”
31st May 2012, Hotel Fariyas, Lonavla

Seminar on “Innovation: The Key To Sustainable Growth”
Lifetime Achievement Award – 2010

Lifetime Achievement Award – 2010
4-5 June 2010, Hotel Fariyas, Lonavla

Professor Manmohan Sharma

Professor Manmohan Sharma is an institution in himself, being the most decorated chemical engineer from UDCT Alumnus in the country, whose life's mission has been to serve the chemical industry and the profession of Chemical science, Engineering and Technology.

Prof.MM Sharma completed his BChem Eng, MSc (Tech) from UDCT, Phd from Cambridge, he returned to join his Alma meter as the youngest professor of Chemical Engineering in 1964. He has been Professor of Chemical Engineering (1964-97) & Director of UDCT (1989-97) now Institute of Chemical technology.

Prof. Sharma's multifaceted personality has made a tremendous mark in elevating chemical engineering in India to unsurpassed level of excellence in the world. He has raised the level of Chemical Engineering section at Institute of Chemical Technology to greater heights with his contemporary research and innovative teaching methods. As Chairman & Member of Science Advisory Committee to the Cabinet, CSIR Review committee and Scientific Advisory committee of the Ministry of Petroleum & Natural gas etc. His contributions have led to new paths of development, capability and growth of the Chemical & Petrochemical industry in the country.

Teaching, Research & Consulting has been his Mantra of Life. He has offered innumerable Innovative solutions to complex problems faced by Industry & Government on matters vital to the growth of the Chemical Engineering, Science & Education and the nation at large.

Countless decorations, Honors, & Fellowships have not stopped him from learning new things even today, whether Moulton Medal of the Institution of Chemical Engineers, UK (1971-1977), SS Bhatnagar CSIR Prize in Engineering Sciences (1973), Fellow Indian National Science Academy (1976), Meghnad Saha medal (1994), Fellow, The Royal Society, London(1990), Sir Leverhulme Medal(1996), HK Firodia Award for Excellence in Science & Technology (1999), UDCT Golden Jubilee Distinguished Fellow (1984),UDCT Diamond (1994), Millennium man of the Chemical Industry(2000), Padma Bhushan (1987), Padma Vibhushan (2001), Board of Director, Reserve Bank of India to cite just a few.

He is as Humble & Inspiring educator and Advisor as ever. UDCT has been his Karma Bhumi and Chemical Engineering a Rashtra Karya. He is the first  chemical engineer from the University Stream to be Honoured as a Fellow of the Royal society of London (UK).

The Government, Academia & Industry have acknowledged Prof. Sharma's invaluable contributions with numerous awards and honours both nationally and Internationally.

The most prestigious civilian award of Padmabhushan & Padmavibhushan is a tribute to Prof. Sharma's monumental contribution to Chemical Engineering, Science & Technology, Chemical Industry and Government on Policy matters for the country.

In recognition of his Academic & Industrial contributions to the Country "The Colour Society" has duly resolved on this day 4th of June 2010 to bestow upon Professor Manmohan Sharma.

The colour society life time achievement award for 2010.

Date: 4th June 2010, Mumbai


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