The Colour Society
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About Colour Society
Main Objectives
The main objectives of the Society are listed below:-
  1. The society was founded to improve the scientific & technical development of the Surface coating industries concerned with the manufacture of Paints, Printing Inks, and its raw materials and allied products.
  2. To advance & Develop for the benefit of its members the Art, Science ,Technology & Engg of  the Surface coating Industry.
  3. To form & Organise a strong professional Body of chemists, technologists, and all those connected with the Surface coating industry, Synthetic polymers, Pigments, Additives, Solvents & other related materials..
  4. To Institute, update & Advance the standard of education & Training at all levels in the field of Surface coatings, & related materials, Marketing & Finance Mgmt.
  5. To project the vital contribution of surface coatings for the upliftment of the national economy in improving productivity, cost effective production, preservation , storage & handling  of products, in infrastructure development & industrial growth of the country.
  6. To disseminate for public awareness all relevant information about surface coating industry & related materials as to remove misconceptions arising out of ignorance & to educate the public, policy makers, media about the Benefits of surface coating play in improving the overall quality of life

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