Mr. Bhupendra G. Sakaria
Hon. Treasurer

A commerce graduate is the main architect of the organization. He is affectionately addressed as Shri Bhupendrabhai by all people who know him. Today he is a widely respected personality in the Indian chemical market as a whole and in ink, paint and agro chem. industries in particular.

He has traveled a lot in all over India and abroad and cultivated excellent relationship and goodwill among the personnel of national and international trade. His skill and shrewdness in locating the sources of specialized raw materials for coating industry has helped the company very much to have firm footage in the business.

Shri Bhupendrabhai has single handedly compiled a book titled as “Ink Industries Product Information” apprx. 15 years back for the benefits of the ink industry. It serves as a “hand-book” to the ink technologists. For  small scale ink manufacturers who cannot afford to pay high consultancy charges for technical know-how, it was  a blessing in disguise.

The book was distributed FREE OF CHARGE and the entire quantity of the edition was presented to the  demanding people of ink and paint industries within a  short span of  one month.

He has also invented a slogan / caption “Don’t Make Ink Without Us” for the product brochures of the company apprx. 25 years ago.

He is closely connected with the coating industry in some other ways also. He was the Vice President and Hon’ry Secretary of COLOUR SOCIETY, the most distinguished platform for surface coating industry. Besides, he   is actively involved in the functioning of the following trade organizations in which Arihant Chemicals & Resins (India) Pvt. Ltd.,  is  a member.

1) All India Printing Ink Manufacturing Association Ltd.
2) Indian Resin Manufacturers’ Association [Secretary]
3) The Chemical & Alkali Merchants Association.
4) The Colour Society. [Treasurer]